About FE Indorama Agro LLC

FE Indorama Agro LLC (the “Company”) is one of the largest cotton farms in the Republic of Uzbekistan. It was established in 2018 after the Government started a privatization process for the cotton farming sector in the country. The operations of the Company cover more than 50,000 hectares of land for growing cotton, wheat and other agricultural crops. In addition, the Company works with independent farmers to grow cotton on its behalf. Total leased Farm size is 50.000 hectares, total contract farm size is more than 25.000 hectares. The Company’s ginning processing capacity is 1200 MTD of seed cotton.

To improve agricultural practices, Indorama Agro is introducing fully mechanized harvesting and modern farming practices adopted from Australia and the USA. There is also adoption of a sustainable business model with focus on soil preservation and efficient water use. The Company is also working closely with international advisors to reinforce its best practices.